Rabbi Mendel & Nechama Danow moved to Pensacola September 2018 and are excited to be joining the local Jewish community. Moving from Brooklyn, New York, Rabbi & Mrs. Danow, along with their little baby girl Mussia, look forward to working together with the Jewish community to promote Jewish awareness and observance of traditional Judaism in a modern world.

Rabbi Mendel Danow

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, Rabbi Mendel Danow studied in Rabbinical schools in the US, Israel and in the United Kingdom. 
After completing his studies, he was ordained by Rabbi Yitzchak Yeruslavsky Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Malachi, Israel.

Rabbi Mendel has always been active from a young age volunteering with outreach programs during his yeshiva years and working with Jewish youth.  As a student he would spend his Friday afternoons visiting Jewish shopkeepers sharing with them a Jewish thought or the chance to put on Tefillin. As his studies grew so did his commitment to enriching the lives of Jewish people. As an intern Rabbi, he provided educational programs and holiday events for the Jews in the remote parts of Northern Denmark, and the Jewish community of Destin, Florida. Rabbi Danow has also directed at a Jewish children's overnight camp in Kalkaska Michigan.

As a visiting Rabbi at The Bristal assisted living in Long Island, Rabbi Danow would give a weekly Jewish Torah class & discussion, and implemented holiday programs for the seniors.

Mrs Nechama Danow

Born and raised in Northern Israel, Mrs Nechama Danow studied in Tzefat, Israel.

After graduating High School she studied at the Beis Chana Women's seminary in Tzefat, Israel Studying Teaching and Education, and graduated majoring in Judaic studies.

As a successful teacher she directed Judaic studies at the Jewish School in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

In addition, she taught at a Jewish School in Queens, NY, and ran youth programs in London, UK.