High Holidays at Chabad

Rosh Hoshana

September 29th, New Years Dinner

  • 6:15pm Candle lighting 
  • 6:45pm Dinner

    September 30th, Services & Shofar Blowing

    11:00am Service & Shofar blowing
  • 1:00pm Kiddush Lunch

    October 1st, Tashlich in the Park

  • 6:00pm, Special Tashlich* Service in Bayview Park

Yom Kippur

October 8th, Eve of Yom Kippur

  • 5:15pm Pre Fast meal 
  • 6:08 Candle Lighting
  • 6:30 Kol Nidrei

    October 9th, Yom Kippur Day

  • 12pm Torah Reading and Yizkor
  • 6pm Ne’ila** Service
  • 7pm Break Fast meal

* Tashlich is a Special service that is customarily said at the river side on the day of Rosh Hashana. We ask from G-D that He throw away all our sins into the river and drown them out. For more info about Tashlich Click Here.

*Ne’ila is the concluding prayer of Yom Kippur. It is of the holiest moments of the year and the peak of all the prayers of Yom Kippur. At it’s conclusion the Shema is recited and the Shofar is blown. For more info regarding Ne’ila Click Here.